Materials You Can Use

Employers can help employees find quality, affordable child care throughout Idaho.  Looking for child care can be stressful for parents.  Knowing what to ask, what to look for, who to trust, and how to compare options is hard.

  • Quality settings promote the healthy development and school readiness of children.
  • Parents with reliable, quality settings for their children, are better able to focus on their jobs and less likely to miss work.

Quality child care is essential for families with children, but it’s also good for business.  Parents and their children both benefit from quality child care.

Human Resource (HR) Materials for Employees

  • For New Hire Packets and Employee Handbooks:  Download this employee child care guide to include in orientation sessions, new hire packets, and/or employee handbooks, which includes information about IdahoSTARS, Child Care Resource Centers, and helpful tips in searching for child care.  Download this version to add your own logo to the resource.

  • Post Information About IdahoSTARS and Child Care Resource Center Services Near the Copy Machine, the Coffee Machine, or in the Lunch Room.  Download a brief one pager that includes information about Child Care Resource Centers as well as information about child care subsidies for low wage families.

  • Include information about Child Care Resource Centers and employee child care tips in your company’s newsletter.  Download this information for an easy cut & paste into your newsletter format.

If your Human Resources Department has a resource area for employees (or an employee resource area on a company web site), post links to these documents